ankita pandey
1 min readJun 25, 2021

If you are thinking “ no , I won’t be able to do that or its impossible for me, then think about journey , think why did you started doing that”.

Believe me, Nothing is impossible.

Don’t quit, keep doing

If you had started the work you always wanted to do , either you are following your passion or you are doing any kind of work which you love doing and while doing it ,if you are facing any difficulty then go and ask for help , or start doing something which help you to get out of it like googling or talking to someone who have knowledge regarding that but don’t quit.

It was difficult for me to switch from completely non computer science background to coding. But now I am loving this stream and trust me I am going to do great in my life.

Believe in yourself and keep doing.

Don’t quit.



ankita pandey

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